Lactose Free Diet

Lactose intolerance, also known as dairy intolerance, is a problem in digesting food that contains sugars mainly found in milk called lactose. People with this disorder can be flatulent, have bouts of diarrhea, experiences a lot of bloating and cramps. Lactose intolerance and dairy allergy are different from each other. Those who are lactose intolerant is may find that they are able to tolerate some level of lactose whereas people with dairy allergy may find an adverse reaction to even a small amount of dairy.

What to do to prevent attacks? Check your diet carefully. Here are some tips:

No Lactose: You may be able consume these lactose free meats and meat substitutes any time.

  • Eggs cooked without milk.
  • All fresh cooked, plain meats, fish, & poultry.
  • Soybean & tofu products.
  • Peanut butter, nuts, & seeds.
  • Soy cheeses.
  • Cooked dried peas & beans.