How you can use a doctor’s note to skip school or work

Immunity levels have a decreasing trend with quite a wide range of illnesses affecting people all over the world. Change in lifestyle may also be a causing factor from eating healthy nutritious foods to snacks and readily prepared ones. When you catch a cold, flu or any other illness on a work day or a school day you may not make it for work or classes for students. In this case, you will need doctors note on your day back to show the reason for your absence.

The note which is also referred as a medical excuse note is a requirement in many workplaces or institutions after missing a day or two. It is used to certify that you had a doctor’s appointment thus explaining your absence. The content of the note includes;

· Title, for example, sick leave authorization.

· The doctor’s medical facility details- the name, address and contact information of the doctor.

· The date the document was written.

· Patient details. His or her name, age, date of birth, gender and address or residential location.

· Appointment’s purpose. This is the reason the patient be it the employee or student went to see the doctor. It includes the illness they are suffering from be it a cold, injury or any other sickness or symptoms.

· Certification of a condition. A statement describing what the patient is suffering from as per the doctor’s diagnosis.

· Authorization. The doctor goes ahead to explain what he or she maybe recommending the patient to do for recovery, for instance, full day bed rest or a ban on given activities.

· Doctor’s signature. Doctors note is not a valid note without the signature of the doctor. The employee or student may have been absent for other reasons and decides to fake the note. A signature, therefore, gives more certainty of the note’s validity.

Importance of doctors note

1. Enhances understanding between an employee and his employer as well as between a student and the administration. In both cases, no punishment may be applied with a note to explain your absence.

2. Informative. The note can inform the employer or school administration of any condition that the patient has especially where extra medical attention is required.

Some people may take for granted the need for doctors note while some may fake one to get away with absenteeism. For a serious case, ensure all the content is entered to enhance its validity and use it properly. Using the note properly will surely enhance your personal relationship with your employer or the administration of your school.